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Natural cotton acoustical infill

TerraCore infill is made from all natural cotton with some recycled polyester to enhance rigidity. It is one of the very first acoustical absorbers that is able to competitively replace standard fiberglass insulation, and is engineered specifically for acoustical applications.

Recycled and recyclable

Cotton is a renewable and natural product used heavily in the manufacturing of clothing. This industry produces piles of cutoffs and scraps. These are collected and then recycled into the acoustical board we know as TerraCore. And, not only is it made from recycled material, it itself is recyclable!

Questions about TerraCore?

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TerraCore facts

  • Made from recycled, natural cotton scraps
  • Recyclable
  • As effective at absorbing reflected sound compared to fiberglass
  • Class A Fire Rated - E84
  • Stocked locally in the Puget Sound area
  • Standard color is blue Jean blue. Yes, it is recycled primarily from scraps of jeans!

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