MOHAI Museum - Seattle

About This Project

The museum of history and industry.

Nowhere else has the first fiberglass kayak, Boeing's first commercial airplane or the unforgettable bright Pink Toe-truck. History is in the making and the MOHAI museums collection will continue to grow. Even now, they show the public only 2% of their collection at any given time!

FabriTrak clouds on the grand gallery help reduce the echo of the hundreds of school children and visitors that pass through each day. They also help reflect the sunlight that on a rare occasion peeks through the clerestory windows that wrap the upper perimeter of the MOHAI.

Project Specifications

Architect & Specifier
S K B Architects

LMN Architects | Pacific Studio

General Contractor
Sellen Construction

860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Fabric Wrapped Product Specifics
2" thick FabriTrak, 2" thick acoustical infill 

2" thick post-industrial recycled cotton infill


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