PHOTO: FabriSpan installed on ceiling at MOHAI Museum in Seattle, Washington.

Ultra-wide fabric system

FabriSpan is a seamless (literally), ultra-wide, stretched fabric ceiling system. The chosen fabric is stretched to a perimeter track and then, typically, a sound-controlling acoustical infill is used behind the fabric. The end result is an enhanced look and increased acoustic pleasantness.

FabriSpan is a constantly evolving product. Fabric options continue to grow, as does the ability to color the fabric to your clients branding needs.

Questions about FabriSpan?

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FabriSpan facts

  • Ultra-wide stretch fabrics (up to 16 feet, seamless)
  • Ceiling fabrics are available in whites and other soft hues
  • Can be used in conjunction with lighting applications, HVAC, and fire sprinklers