PHOTO: At Microsoft building 16, LED backlit Barrisol® stretch system glows deep blue in support of the Seattle Seahawks.

Stretched wall / ceiling system

The Barrisol® stretched wall / ceiling system is made up of a non-flammable PVC membrane that is heating while being stretched over an aluminum perimeter track and support framework. As the membrane cools, its surface becomes smooth.

3D forms, organic shapes, can be backlit

While commonly used on walls and ceilings, Barrisol® has a broad spectrum of uses. Numerous available track lines allow 3D forms and organic shapes to be built to spec. And, BarrisolĀ® can be backlit to re-enforce a brand, create a mood, and increase functional goals for a room.

Questions about Barrisol®?

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Barrisol® facts

  • 100+ colors available
  • Finishes include matte, satin, lacquer, brushed suede, metallic, translucent and perforated
  • Barrisol® is durable and does not crack or peel
  • Impermeable to air and moisture, resists bacteria and mold growth, and performs well in humid environments
  • Improve thermal and sound insulation
  • 100% recyclable, Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable PVC (classified Class I in the USA)