PHOTO: Printed mural by Artolis®.

A versatile, large-width fabric textile

Artolis® is another great product developed by the folks who make Barrisol®. It is a unique fabric textile boasting an available width of just over 16 feet. It can be digitally printed on before being stretched onto a perimeter track attached to a wall or ceiling. If needed, it can also be configured to provide acoustic correction.

Questions about Artolis®?

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Artolis® facts

  • 16+ feet seamless width
  • Standard color is white and can be installed as-is
  • Stretched and installed to a perimeter track
  • Very high definition (THD - 1440 DPI) printing to textile of customer imagery or selection from Artolis Editions┬« picture collection
  • Artolis Acoustic® offers a wide range of high to very high acoustic performances, aw= 1.0 plain or printed
  • Shock and impact resistant coatings are available for wall applications

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